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Prom Flowers:  The New Guide

Prom Flowers: The New Guide

Posted by Lise Neely on 04/11/2023

Prom season is here, and with it comes the opportunity to dress up in your finest attire to celebrate with your classmates. While choosing your outfit and hairstyle, remember that prom flowers are an important element of your overall look. Choosing the perfect flowers can be a fun and exciting process. Let’s explore some of the newest ideas in prom flowers to help you create a look you’ll love.

What Are Prom Flowers?

Prom flowers are any type of flower that you wear or carry to the prom or formal event. For example, you can wear a corsage or floral cuff on your wrist, a flower crown or comb in your hair, or a boutonniere (also known as a buttonhole) on the lapel of your jacket. If you prefer to carry your flowers, you may choose a bouquet (sometimes called a posey or nosegay), or even a small arrangement pinned to a purse or bag.

Stuffy rules about prom flowers are a thing of the past. Choose any style of prom flower arrangement that suits your personal style, complements your outfit, and makes you feel special.

What Color Prom Flowers Should I Choose?

Like the style of your outfit, choosing your flower color is a matter of personal taste. While there are no set rules, you can use a bit of color theory to help guide your selection. Start by looking at a color wheel, like the one here. Next, consider the color of your dress, suit, or jacket. For example, let’s say you are wearing a purple dress….

Monochromatic Color Scheme

You may choose a monochromatic color scheme, with flowers in different shades of purple, from lighter lavender to darker amethyst. For example, imagine a bouquet of soft lavender roses with dark purple stock, trimmed with regal purple silk ribbon. Monochromatic color schemes are modern and sophisticated. Choosing different shades of a single color can also help you create a cohesive look with your attire and accessories.

Analogous Color Scheme

An analogous color scheme combines adjacent colors along the color wheel, such as purple and red. For example, a red rose boutonniere could be accented with a purple orchid, like the one pictured here. Analogous color schemes offer a classic look with an unexpected, updated twist.

Complementary Color Scheme

People say that ‘opposites attract,’ and the same is true for colors. A complementary color scheme pairs a base color with its opposite on the color wheel. Again imagine your lovely purple dress, this time paired with a prom bouquet of brilliant yellow sunflowers. Complementary color schemes are bold, energetic, and attention-getting. If that’s your vibe - go for it!

Of course, there are lots of ways to combine colors for a pleasing effect. If you’re feeling unsure, ask your local florist for suggestions. Florists are trained to use the color wheel to design flower arrangements, so they can help you create a great look. One suggestion though - stick with the natural color of your flowers. Dyed flowers can look too theatrical. You can always add ribbon, rhinestones, feathers or other accessories to complement your chosen palette, or to incorporate your school colors into your bouquet

Who Buys Prom Flowers?

Traditionally, your date offers you prom flowers as a gift, and you’ll do the same for him or her. But customs are becoming less formal. If you’re hoping for a special type of arrangement, go ahead and let your date know - politely, of course. And remember to ask what type of prom flowers they would prefer. You don’t need to wear the same colors as your date - or even the same types of flowers. Since the old rules no longer apply, everyone should feel free to wear whatever makes them feel fabulous.

Are you attending prom with a group of friends? It might be fun to coordinate your flowers in some way. Perhaps everyone in the gang wants red roses, but you each choose a different style for your own personal flair. In this case, consider pooling your funds so that everyone can participate equally. Your local florist can help you select a look that unifies the group, while respecting everyone’s individual preferences.

When Should I Order My Flowers?

When it comes to prom flowers, it’s best to order sooner rather than later. Prom, Spring holidays, and Mother’s Day all occur within the same short timeframe. Your local florist keeps an inventory on hand, but favorite flowers can sell out quickly. And if you’re requesting something unusual, your florist may need extra time to get it for you. Avoid disappointment by placing your prom flower order as soon as you’ve made the commitment to attend the event.

How Do I Keep Prom Flowers Fresh?

A responsible florist will follow ‘Chain of Life’ processes to maintain your fresh flowers by properly conditioning and refrigerating them. They will keep your prom flowers in the cooler until the afternoon of your event. Your florist will package your flowers securely to avoid damage until you are ready to enjoy them.

Handle your flowers carefully once you’ve collected them. Keep them in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and away from drafts. A cool garage, basement, or darkened room will do. Avoid placing your flowers in the refrigerator, because ethylene gas from fruit will actually harm them.

How Do I Wear My Prom Flowers?

Pinning a Boutonniere

It may seem a bit intimidating the first time you do it, but pinning a boutonniere is actually not difficult. Boutonnieres are worn on the left side. To begin, position the boutonniere on the lapel, below the tie but just about the pocket square. Flip the lapel toward the chest, so the underside is on top. Place the long boutonniere pin, sharp end pointing down, through the thickest part of the flower stem, and then back out of the stem. The point of the pin remains on the underside of the lapel. Flip the lapel back to its original position. Give the boutonniere a gentle tug to make sure it feels secure. You can add a second pin if you need to. The pins should not be visible on the top side of the lapel.

Still feeling uncertain? Ask your florist to make your boutonniere with a magnet, rather than a pin. Most florists can accommodate your request, usually for a small additional charge.

Wearing a Wrist Corsage

Like the boutonniere, the corsage is usually worn on the left side. Classic corsages are designed in a line format; larger flowers are positioned at the base, with smaller flowers at the tip. Slide the elastic band over the wrist, positioning the corsage so that the larger flowers point toward the wrist, and the smaller ones toward the fingers.

Carrying a Bouquet

Avoid the temptation to carry your prom bouquet in front of your chest. Instead, place your wrists near your hip bones, so that the top of the bouquet is about waist high. Hold the pins on the stem wrap with your thumbs, so that the front of the bouquet faces outward. Pro tip: tilt the bouquet slightly away from your body to give it a fuller look in photographs.

And there you have it - our best tips for selecting prom flowers for a look you’ll love. Have fun at prom! Stay safe, take lots of beautiful pictures, and be sure to tag your local florist when you post on social media. We can’t wait to see you!